<%@ Language=VBScript %> Vacation in Maine, July 2000

Vacation 2000


After an interminable odyssey, we arrive at the house. It's all we could have hoped for.



Shadow loves it here and has learned to swim.



We have our own dock here. Next year we bring a boat. The tides here run about eight feet.



The main dock is a float. The ramp swings up and down with the water level.



We're on a long channel, kind of like a fjord. There's never more than a ripple in the water.



Here's a view of the back of the house. That back deck gets a lot of use.



We've done a lot of nothing so far. We have more planned for next week.



Down the peninsula is the quaint little fishing village of Rutherford Island. Notice the quaint little bloated corpse of a harbor seal.



Another view of Rutherford Island.



Pemmaquid Point has a lighthouse, a Coast Guard station, an art gallery and lotsa rocks.



Ann getting silly with one of the locals. He just ignored her and kept looking out to sea.



Beach roses, Rosa ragusa, photo by Ann.



And as our flat-coated retriever disappears into the sunset, we bid a fond farewell ...