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familiar.jpg (15103 bytes)

Agamemnon, familiar of Ann

shadow&patty.jpg (25277 bytes)

Shadow and Patty

bastnyoshi1.gif (95543 bytes)

Bastet and Yoshi, the proud parents

taz&family2.jpg (12413 bytes)

Taz is visiting his old home and the new litter.
He's quite confused.

ann&taz2.jpg (21333 bytes)

Little "Two" is a great big beautiful cat!

annandtaz.jpg (15990 bytes)

And the breeder couldn't be more pleased.

pat&siobhan2.jpg (19244 bytes)

Pat with Siobhan, also known as Tara.

pat&siobhan.jpg (20488 bytes)

Pat is bonding; Tara is eating her necklace.


L3-1.jpg (26982 bytes)

The St. Patrick's Day Gang


yoshi&L3.jpg (26737 bytes)

Hey! There's nipples here, but no milk! What gives?


anncats&donkey.jpg (56034 bytes)

Counterclockwise from top: Bastet, Agamemnon, Yoshi, a stuffed donkey and Ann.
The donkey belongs to Shadow. He carefully placed it there.


annkittns1.gif (43099 bytes)

Watching Grammy sleep


kitten1a.gif (99597 bytes)

If your only survival skill is being cute, you gotta be good at it.

Here's a few new pictures.


Me and my Shadow/
me and my pillow.

L3 with Agamemnon.jpg (25585 bytes)

Playing with big brother

turkey0.jpg (38609 bytes)

Interspecies competition for a turkey leg

turkey1.jpg (20610 bytes)

The Darwinian struggle at its finest

evil_agamemnon.jpg (16048 bytes)

We're looking just a little evil here.


Keep away from my toys!