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Welcome to my web site. It showcases the recent work I have done, highlights my skill sets and, I hope, is a bit of a fun place to visit. Click any of the links in the navigation bar at the left to get started.

My novel, Above the Fray, a Novel of the Union Balloon Corps, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine online outlets, in print and electronic form. Here's a video on the subject:

Link to YouTube video
Link to YouTube video

For an autographed copy of Above the Fray, a Novel of the Union Balloon Corps , contact me at kris at Tell me how you'd like it inscribed, and don't forget a mailing address. The price for Part One or Part Two is $19.95. Shipping and handling for one or two copies is $5.00. I can accept PayPal or a check or money order.  


Here's some random art work.


Want to see a lot more disgustingly cute animal pictures?

Go ahead, you know you want to.


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